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 +===== Data mining scenario =====
 +A scenario is [[http://​oxforddictionaries.com/​definition/​scenario|"​a postulated sequence or development of events"​]]. Therefore, a data mining scenario comprises a logical sequence of actions to infer some type of generalization from a dataset, a sequence of actions for applying a generalization on a new dataset, and a sequence of actions for evaluating the obtained generalizations. OntoDM-core represents a data mining scenario in three different description layers in the ontology: ​
 +  * data mining scenario (as a specification), ​
 +  * data mining workflow (as an implementation),​ and 
 +  * data mining workflow execution (as an application).
 +In OntoDM-core,​ a //data mining scenario// is an extension of the OBI class //​protocol//​. It includes as parts other information entities such as: //title of scenario//, //scenario description//,​ //author of scenario//, and //​document//​. From the protocol class it also inherits as parts //objective specification//​ and //action specification//​. A //data mining workflow// is a concretization of a data mining scenario, and extends the //plan// entity (defined by OBI). Finally, a data mining workflow is realized (executed) through a //data mining workflow execution// process.
 +OntoDM-core does not represent scenarios and workflows that belong to other phases of the Knowledge Discovery process, such as application understanding,​ data understanding,​ data preprocessing,​ data mining process evaluation, and deployment. These are the subjects of representation in the [[ontodm-kdd|OntoDM-KDD ontology]]. Because both OntoDM-core and [[ontodm-kdd|OntoDM-KDD]] are built by using the same design principles, the same upper-level ontology, and same type of relations they can be used together to represent the complete knowledge discovery process.

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