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 +==== Version 0.1P (Preliminary version) ==== 
 +=== Files === 
 +  * {{:​ontodmv0_1.zip|OntoDM version 0.1 pre-release}} 
 +=== Publications === 
 +  * Panče Panov, Sašo Džeroski, Larisa N. Soldatova. **[[http://​www2.computer.org/​portal/​web/​csdl/​doi/​10.1109/​ICDMW.2008.62|OntoDM:​ an ontology of data mining]]**. In: Bonchi, Francesco (ed.). ICDM workshops 2008 : proceedings. Los Alamitos (California);​ Washington; Tokyo: IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, cop. 2008, pg. 752-760. {{:​ontodm_panovetal_icdmw08.pdf|Download}}

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